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Obsolete to Absolute, with Banking-as-a-Service


Obsolete to Absolute

Discover Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS): From obsolete practices to absolute potential in tomorrow’s financial landscape

A $25 billion opportunity!

Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) is revolutionising the financial services sector, reshaping how banks deliver financial products and services to consumers and businesses.

This whitepaper is specifically designed for incumbent banks considering BaaS. With BaaS as a business model, banks can partner non-bank entities and integrate banking capabilities, enabling these non-bank entities to offer financial services to their customers without the need to obtain a banking license or build their own banking infrastructure. This presents significant market opportunities to the entire ecosystem.

By 2026, Forbes reports that Embedded Finance is projected to reach USD7 trillion in transaction value and BaaS could evolve into a USD$25 billion opportunity for banks, underscoring its pivotal role in the ever-evolving financial landscape. This paper examines the key drivers fuelling the growth of BaaS, its impact and transformative potential on banks and non-bank entities, and its profound implications for consumers. Case studies will also illustrate the various BaaS implementations and offer valuable insights for banks interested in pursuing a BaaS strategy.

Banks looking to provide BaaS as a value proposition will find audax’s and Thought Machine’s solutions well-positioned to seize this unique opportunity and succeed in the new era of financial services.

Unpacking the whitepaper

  • What are the various digital banking models?
  • What is BaaS, Open Banking and Embedded Finance?
  • What do financial institutions stand to gain with BaaS?
  • What should you consider when selecting a BaaS provider?
  • How can you harness the benefits of BaaS with Thought Machine and audax?

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